Colt Bowden and Stereo

Stereo Skateboards speaks to me….for a number of reasons. I have always been surrounded by creative people in my life, and as a result I have a heavy appreciation for Art and Design. I thank my mother for that mostly. Chris Pastras always just seemed like one of the kids I would have surrounded myself with. Chris has an incredibly creative mind, and he expresses that in his skating as well as his artwork. Stereo’s marketing, design focus, and overall attitude balance art and commerce far better than any other product involved in skateboarding. Recently Chris and Jason have had local Utah artist Colt Bowden design their Retro Americana Classics Division. Colt is an excellent skater as well as an accomplished and detailed artist. I’m very stoked for Colt, and I’m so glad to see these two collaborating. It just makes sense. Take a look at Chris’ Hand in Hand, check out Colt’s site, buy some of his work, and then go support Stereo Sound Agency.

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grown-ass man clothes 3 of 7:button downs

Alright here’s the deal. I wear button down shirts damn near every day. Why you may ask? For three reasons really. 1. Ever since I was a kid, it was just my style. I used to wear em open chest (top 3 buttons undone) because I thought I could pull off a Hosoi vibe. Yes I cut the sleeve off of a t-shirt to wear as a headband as well. No I never went to the spandex bike shorts though. Oh and Christ airs are difficult on 18″ jump ramps (for those of you under 25 a jump ramp is a “kicker to flat”). As my JimmyZ phase disappeared, I continued with the button down into a proper wannabe rude boy phase. I listened to far too much Desmond Dekker and Elvis Costello at the time, but I looked good doin it. Ben Sherman‘s were tough to find and expensive so usually a Mervyns imitation had to suffice.  2. They’re slimming. Until I get enough motivation to drop some ell bees (LBs) I will have to continue rockin these to cover up the old man boobs. 3. Grown-ass men wear button downs. Proper button downs.

First and foremost: The Altamont Wailer

This shirt is 100% cotton and 94% kick ass. It’s super comfortable, even though it’s a touch on the slim fit side. But not like “I’m gonna incredible hulk rip this bitch at any moment” slim fit. It’s pretty tall also which is huge for a guy my height. Not ghetto gown tall tee’ish though. The blue color and plaid pattern is simple and stylish. I love that the threading in each button is a different color, and that they left a few of the open seams unfinished (serged and done).  It’s part of the Andrew Reynolds collection so it’s got to be solid. Don’t argue with The Boss’ Madness.

Overall I give this one: 4 1/2 monster frontside flips.

Second up is: The RVCA Rockwood

This button down is sick. RVCA is sick. It’s a great company that’s (I know I’ve seen random Tapout Turds wearing their Tees lately too but) run by a true visionary. PM Tenore is a smart guy, and he’s created a nice little empire for himself as well. RVCA is founded on an aesthetic based on classic American work wear. The Rockwood works. The fit is slim, but again not too bad. This shirt comes in 2 colors of plaid (raisin here). It seems to be put together pretty well as far as durability’s concerned. There’s a hidden zipper as well. Some are calling this a “shirt jacket” because of that, but I wouldn’t say it’s thick enough to be considered an actual jacket. Though it should definitely keep you warm after a spring session at Blacks.

Overall I give the Rockwood: 3 1/2 Al Knost foot drags

Finally the: WeSC Agnar

This is basically a dress shirt. Grown-ass men need these once in a while. WeSC is a great company based out of the Sweden. If people like Ray Barbee, Wieger van Wageningen, and Chris Pastras are backing them, then they must be doing something right. The Agnar is super stylish, regular fit, and cotton. What more could you ask for. You know reviewing a bunch of similar shit aint too easy, so let’s just leave it at that. It’s a good shirt blah blah it has 2 sleeves blah blah 2 pockets blah blah whatever. WeSC is killer and this shirt will make even me look good. Nuff said.

Overall I give the Agnar: 4 Ikea meatballs.