Protect The Mission…

Know your history. In the world of skate, snow, and surf our history is preserved by a small group of people that truly care about our disciplines. Design is equally important. As long as these sports have been around, there have been outside interests trying to get “their share.” Many of these companies have had zero focus on our history or our design concepts. It’s ok that they exist, but we don’t need to make them rich. presidio design seeks to promote rider focused, rider run, and preferably rider owned companies. We feel that these are the ones that deserve to prosper in our “industries.” presidio is a marketing and product review based firm. We hope to communicate what our culture is about, where we came from, and how we look at the world. These are not just “industries,” we are not just “demographics,”  and it’s not simply about increasing the bottom line. It’s about charging the best line. Our mission should be to maintain the integrity of the cultures we love.
presidio design is about protecting that mission…

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