Keith Malloy is the best…

The Malloy Brothers come from good people and the world needs to know more about them. I really want Farm League to make a full length documentary on the Malloy family as a whole. Then we all can learn exactly what Mike and Denise did to raise such solid kids. Chris, Dan, and Keith were raised working hard and surfing harder. They’re connected to the earth, the ocean, and their family like few others I know of. They promote small local agriculture…

…and they help build and test some of the greatest wetsuits and surfboards in the world.

It takes balls to quit professional contest surfing in order to create a life traveling the world in search of good breaks and big swell. All three of them have been able to make it work and film the process along the way. Nixon Watches has been supporting Keith for years and they recently put up this “Born to Wander” about him. 

I also recommend checking out Slow Is Fast….

180 South….

…and Come Hell or High Water

Get involved in your local community, eat good simple food, and think critically about how you approach this world. You will be a happier person for it. That was a little emo….sorry….I mean it though.

Kristian Svitak on Street Plant

I’m so bummed to hear that 1031 Skateboards is no longer. Kristian Svitak is one of our favorite all time rippers though and he will continue to push Land Shark along with his many other endeavors. For now Mike Vallely has brought the fellow Black Label Vet onto his board company Street Plant. If you ask me he couldn’t have made a better decision. For now you can buy out the last of the 1031 goods here (I recommend the Dead Milkmen All Terrain). Also go read Mike’s welcome letter for Kristian at Street Plant and support that crew as well.


photo courtesy of Instagram and Mike Vallely @mikevallely