RIP David Amador

I broke my ribs on Dave Amador’s ramp when I was 12. He never knew about it. For those that don’t know…David Amador is what skating and the SLC is all about. Dave was a guy that truly skated for the love of it. He was three years older than me, but was super cool to us as kids. I grew up about a block from him, and followed him through school as well. There were older guys in the neighborhood that would shred the ditch at the old Uintah, and most were super dickish. Dave fucked with us, but was never mean. He was more about treating groms like….well groms. It was a good thing. It gave us humility, and pushed us. Dave was the only guy in our neighborhood to have a backyard ramp, and needless to say we thought he was a God. His dad kicked us out regularly for poaching, but was always very cool about it. Whenever Dave was there and would skate with us, it was all time. He skated with tons of style and power. Skating and Salt Lake owe a great deal to David Amador. I know Dyet misses him, and I’m stoked to see Lizard is paying respect as well. You should pay some respect, read his obit, and check out Angela’s thoughts (along with some of his writing) over at Slug. The skate community in SLC misses you Dave. Thanks for keeping us all on our toes. Rest In Peace.

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