Erik Leines has always killed it. He and BJ destroyed the bird from early on, and never looked back. Celtek is leading the way again with some touch screen integration technology that will mean even more growth for the brand. Stoked for the Leines family, and Celtek. Check the info and interview link over at TWBusiness.

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….and I just had to add SFK and Doman to this post because well….they’re what snowboarding and SLC is all about.

Van Wastell

My son started skateboarding this year. He’s 6 now, but started when he was 5. I won’t push him to do everything his dad does, but I have to say that I’m stoked he’s taking an interest. He means the entire world to me. I hope that whatever he chooses to pursue in life, that he gives it as much heart, creativity, and love….that Van Wastell gave to skateboarding. 3 years ago today the world lost one of it’s greatest.

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Van was the rare kind of kid that could skate anything with effortless style. I would even argue that there’s never been a regular footer (except Holmes) with more style. Feel free to disagree with me, but you’re wrong. If Gonz thinks you have style, then…end of story. Pinnacle achieved. Though I never knew Van personally, I do know that the guy could rip anything in sight. I also know that his family had a ton to do with why he was such a good person, and such a great skate rat. Wastyle was bred into him. Van has inspired so many kids over the years, and his legacy will always live on.

photo courtesy of thrashermagazine.com

Van Wastell’s footprint into the world of skating means more than anyone will ever know. Check Jeff and Kurt here, witness Van shredding here, and then go out and skate… Van would.

My heart goes out to the Wastell/Villa families today.

Thanks for everything Van. We miss you. Rip in peace.