Bluebird Boards

Willie McMillon is bad ass. For those that don’t know him, he’s the mastermind behind bluebird wax. You should buy some. Kevin Jones is legend status. I’m sure you all get that much (I can’t wait to see his part in TB20). If you don’t get it, just look here. Snowboarders of a certain age group (those that grew up ripping in the 80’s and 90’s) can probably give a ton of knowledge to some newbies. I’m not complaining about “kids these days,” but I will say that there are more than a few who could use a little more heart.

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Willie & Kevin have heart, and those of you that live in an Olympic X Games vacuum, need some of that in your life.  The bottom line is that what we do is special. Whether you skate, snowboard, or surf you know that each of these sports are distinct. Each of these cultures are unique as well. I spend a fair amount of time on here bitching about the sides of our sports that are exploitative and full of corruption. The reality is that we are the people that truly push progression in our worlds though. We drive the markets. Basketball players just want wins. The same is true for most team sports/professional athletes. We may be competitive with our friends, but in the long run it’s not about who wins….it’s about who is shredding the best today. Maybe tomorrow it will be you. I’m so happy to say Bluebird is working on boards now. Check the interview here, and show some support in the 2012-2013 season. With these two at the helm the future is bright.