grown-ass man clothes 1 of 7:pantalones

Here’s the deal. I’m a grown-ass man. I wear gown-ass man clothes. Many of you are at an age where you can rock your hipster or hip hop or Dee Dee Ramone or Anti Hero ditrbag etc. style all you want. Not exactly my steez. Ok I may have some Julien Stranger road warrior in my game but for the most part…big boy threads. When you’re in high school or college, it’s a lot easier to pull off certain clothes and a certain look. I have always tried to rock a little Ray Barbee meets Rick Howard meets late 90’s Tahoe style but in a larger (huskier) cave man body. Clean and simple for the most part. All that bullshit being said, this is the start of my first series “grown-ass man clothes.” This will be one of seven editions where I break down some specific products that will help you look sharp without appearing to be a mall trolling turd. I know I know this isn’t the most technical review series, but those are on the horizon as well.

Edition 1:Pants

First and foremost: Volcom Chinos.

These are a must have. I know it’s hard to give up the Dickies, and really you don’t have to. But when it’s time to step the game up a bit these are a perfect choice. I like the Willie Pant Chinos in black (wish they had more than two colors in this one though). There are other Volcom chino options with more varieties of color, but these are the most fitted without approaching a nut hugging demise. They’re relatively durable, but I wouldn’t skate in them (I eat shit a lot). The legs are pretty straight and contemporary, and they sit well on top of my shoes (particularly if you stay away from the monstrous skate boots of old). A girl once told me that a key for men’s style is a good shoe-pant combination. I listen to women. Mostly. At any rate I say give em a shot. Try the Whether Slim fit if that’s the way you lean, or the Frickin Solid if you don’t want to rock the sidepipe.

Over all I give them 3 1/2 Dennis Busenitz’szzs.

Second up: Quiksilver Corduroy

Cords are timeless, and the Quiksilver Sequel Cord 2 pants are perfy. They’re super comfortable and stylish. I wear cords all the time. The only drawback for any corduroy pant I’ve come across is durability. I’ve ripped a few pairs skating and it’s not pretty. A rip that starts from a hipper can split quick and leave the groms seeing more than they bargained for. Wear em while eating tacos and whatnot, but stay away from the park in these. They are also a pretty straight fit but on the slim side. They list them as “Regular Fit” but again I’d say these cords run a bit snug. There’s a few different colors (smoke is my pick) available and they make lots of noise when you walk. Okay maybe two drawbacks, you can’t sneak up on people in them due to the noise.

Overall I give them 3 Travis Rice’szzs.

Finally Elwood Denim.

The Dan Drehobl signature series Dan Jean is super nice. I like the Dry color, but there’s others available. These are straight fit and sit comfortably fresh out the box . Skate in them drink in them or be like Corpsey and smoke copious amounts of American Spirits in them. My guess is they look really good in between a five 0 pivot to fakie as well. They’re easy to move in and super durable so schralp it up.

Overall I give em 4 Trife Coozie’ssz.

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