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Benji Wagner on Polerstuff

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We love Polerstuff. This company is run by good people with a keen eye for design. Poler has filled a niche, and they’ve done it with class. Benji Wagner breaks down where they’ve been and where they’re going. I’m still waiting to see how the surf team will progress…..get on that shit boys. Go support these guys and get some stuff.

Benji Wagner on Polerstuff

Scotty Stoked on Stance

Stance is awesome…Scotty’s our hero….perfect fit.

Alex Andrews Full Part…from Cole Taylor

How do you know you live in Utah? Kids like Alex clip passes from you when they were groms, and your god son  films their shit only to blow up for the world to see. Stoked for these guys.

Lots of hate for Shaun White…

Ok yeah we get it….you’re so core that you hate Shaun White. Call him a ginger, call him a kook, call him bad for snowboarding even. It does no good. First off….pretty much nothing is “core” in snowboarding anyway, and all I can say is you shouldn’t spend time and energy on hate. All of the above things about Shaun are true in my opinion. Even when he was a little kid, the front line kids working at Surf Ride could tell you stories of White arrogance and entitlement (mostly from his mom back then). He wins a lot of contests, he likes to spin and flip really high, he wears horrible tight clothing, and he thinks his shit only smells like heirloom (flying) tomatoes. All that said, he’s not why you got into snowboarding.

 photo courtesy of

He’s not ruining anything about snowboarding (at least not anymore than the rest of the fat cats) for me. I still get to wake up in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. I still get to be up the cottonwoods early on a pow day with my friends and family. I still get to have that feeling of cruising through trees, while leaning back to keep the nose “above water”. I still get to float big..slow…backside 180’s. Simply put, I still get to stand sideways on snow.

E-Stone photo of Forrest Shearer courtesy of

I get to do all of this because 30 years or so ago, a handful of people like me decided that they would just go out and try something new. Those guys are the reason that Shaun White gets to do all of this as well. Ultimately his association shouldn’t affect your life. Find inspiration from the people that mean something to you in snowboarding.

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If you really care that much about the kid….then you’re probably snowboarding for the wrong reasons. I know it sucks when something you truly love gets profiled through the lens of a douchebag though. No one wants that. But when you really know why you love something, then the sun shining on a steaming turd shouldn’t bother you. Go find yourself exhausted and quad blown on a bluebird powder day, and then ask yourself….does Shaun White really give a fuck about what I think?

DVS up for auction?

Got a few million on hand? If so then you….yes you…have the potential to purchase DVS Shoes. On June 13th there will be an auction to see who can bail Brian, Kevin, and The Gav out of bankruptcy. It looks like they’ve been doing everything they can to keep that ship afloat. We wish all the boys well (still can’t believe dude is VP of anything). Check the details over at TW Business, and start saving some dough…..shit it’ll probably be an energy drink company.

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I never really thought I would have a post about snowskates….the Canuks at Ambition proved me wrong. Thanks to Boardistan for the link. This is what progression looks like.

Draplin Setup

I just had to post about how pumped I am on the new Draplin shit that showed up this week…that is all.

DDC-001 Orange/Orange Mesh Factory Issue Action Cap

DDC-007 Yellow Build Something Carpenter Pencil

DDC-024 Adventures In Plastics Heritage Clic Pen

DDC-010 Pencil Of Six Sides

Field Notes Original Mixed 3 Pack

I don’t have part numbers or descriptions on the stickers, but it feels like Aaron’s old man is looking over us now…SHITCHYAH.

Yes I’m a dork…

Man I wish he would come here to speak….

686-Fallen Collab

I’m sick of the snowboarding vs. skateboarding thing. It’s clear there are differences culturally between the two. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a bunch of shit that bugs me about both. I’m really trying to be more positive lately though, and I’ll leave the super rants to Avran. In the mean time, I’m stoked to see that 686 Outerwear and Fallen have come up with a collaboration line. I’m really into the Classic Fit Jeans and the Field Jacket. It’s rad to see The Chief isn’t too narrow minded. Check out more over at TW Biz.

Dino season…

The Dinobots crew is a solid group of shritizens….yeah I made that word up. Most were raised here behind the Zion Curtain, and grew up with snow in their oatmeal…the lightest and nicest snow in the lower 48  by the way. Cole Taylor (not that one) posted up their first bone zone session of the season…check it.


Here’s two you need to watch…

First is Scotty and Bryan‘s teaser for their new Mt. Baker based flick The Rascals..Scotty is my hero.

The second is a DIY skate short from Sean Pointing: Antifornia…Dave Dixon has some good insight.



Erik Leines has always killed it. He and BJ destroyed the bird from early on, and never looked back. Celtek is leading the way again with some touch screen integration technology that will mean even more growth for the brand. Stoked for the Leines family, and Celtek. Check the info and interview link over at TWBusiness.

photo courtesy of

….and I just had to add SFK and Doman to this post because well….they’re what snowboarding and SLC is all about.


I don’t care what you do in life, this will apply. The guys at Create The Map threw this up last month.  Aaron Draplin is an American Hero.


holden ceo

Mikey LeBlanc has just announced that the new CEO to his freight train of a clothing company holden outerwear is Ben Pruess.

photo courtesy of

The former VP at Adidias Originals has a hefty resume for sure. It seems like good people tend to surround themselves with good people. Stoked for these guys all around.

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Poler Stuff

Poler is a new company that you need to support. Poler makes camping gear and apparel that’s focused on simple clean design. They’re run by good people, based out of Oregon, and their team is packed full of heroes (stoked to see who they pick up on the surf side too). I look forward to testing their gear in the coming months. Follow them on Twitter then go buy some Poler Stuff .

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Bluebird Boards

Willie McMillon is bad ass. For those that don’t know him, he’s the mastermind behind bluebird wax. You should buy some. Kevin Jones is legend status. I’m sure you all get that much (I can’t wait to see his part in TB20). If you don’t get it, just look here. Snowboarders of a certain age group (those that grew up ripping in the 80’s and 90’s) can probably give a ton of knowledge to some newbies. I’m not complaining about “kids these days,” but I will say that there are more than a few who could use a little more heart.

photo courtesy of

Willie & Kevin have heart, and those of you that live in an Olympic X Games vacuum, need some of that in your life.  The bottom line is that what we do is special. Whether you skate, snowboard, or surf you know that each of these sports are distinct. Each of these cultures are unique as well. I spend a fair amount of time on here bitching about the sides of our sports that are exploitative and full of corruption. The reality is that we are the people that truly push progression in our worlds though. We drive the markets. Basketball players just want wins. The same is true for most team sports/professional athletes. We may be competitive with our friends, but in the long run it’s not about who wins….it’s about who is shredding the best today. Maybe tomorrow it will be you. I’m so happy to say Bluebird is working on boards now. Check the interview here, and show some support in the 2012-2013 season. With these two at the helm the future is bright.


Life is about decisions and fine lines. As a sponsored athlete in an “Action Sport” (god I hate that term) you have some decisions to make. Assuming you are at an amateur or professional level, you will be faced with many decisions in reference to your “career.” I’m a nobody (though I’m a nobody that people actually seem to listen to), but here’s my opinion on some questions you may come across. My credibility? Oh I’m a 33 year old father of two with a super hot wife and a day job….and I’m huge in Japan. If that doesn’t do it for you then why the hell have you even been reading this thing? Anyway here it is.

1.Should I move to a place that could help my career?

YES.…more or less. Look there are exceptions I know. And yes it might give you more character to grow up skating in New England, surfing in Cocoa Beach, or Snowboarding in Michigan. However, the point of this whole thing is to get noticed. It’s no secret that you’ll get noticed easier when you’re near the leaders in your industry. I know that LA is full of Kooks, Salt Lake bars close at 1:00, and locals at Haleiwa aren’t always the most friendly. That shit can be worked out though. Maybe some of those places don’t have the character of your hometown, but life is long, and you can always head back once you’ve accomplished what you left for. So if you can make it happen relatively comfortably, then I say yes….make the move…at least for a while. Or don’t. Just freeze your balls off in North Dakota I don’t give a damn.

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2. Should I quit school?

NO. I know I know you think you’re peaking at 15 years old and need to drop everything to get in a van, get footie, and travel the world. It is tempting. The reality of it is though that your schooling can continue in conjunction with your career. Many ex athletes end up with little education, some shitty habits, and a half ass job in the industry. Believe me that you will be better served to have a couple degrees and a level head after your athletic career ends. If you’re smart enough to hire a CPA to help manage your earnings during this time also, you’ll come out with a chunk of change, a few damaged body parts, and at 30 years old, be ready to continue with a new chapter. Or whatever quit school, blaze up, and don’t wear a rubber. Natural Selection’s a bitch.

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3. Should I take that corporate sponsorship?

MAYBE? A friend of mine (BurritosandSnow) once said that it’s OK to make money, just be careful how you make it. Look carefully at who you choose to represent. I know that not everyone can skate for Rick Howard or Jim Thiebaud, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to ride for El Pollo Loco Skates….I do love their chicken though. Does riding for Burton mean your not core? Do you have to paddle out with Mitch’s Fins to be underground? That’s for you to decide ultimately. I would just say be careful. There are large companies (Nike/Adidas/Bonfire/Quiksilver/Etc.) that have hired good people with history in the industry. Many of these guys have given them the R&D knowledge, and cultural credibility to maybe make it worth your while. Gonz skates for Adidas,  Joel Tudor and Al Knost hang heels for Vans. Like I said just make sure who you represent is actually good for the sport that you love. Or whatever. Shred for slim jim and tear into the spice you turd.

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Overall I say go with your heart, and don’t be afraid to take a few risks along the way. Be smart, don’t party too damn much, and work work work. Blue collar work ethic can put you at the next level. Good luck and don’t sacrifice who you are for what you do. Or sell out as soon as possible, pound some Mt. Dew, and be hated by the people that helped you get there.

I know I know…

I haven’t posted in a long time. I have some grown-ass man posts and some board reviews on the horizon. In the mean time check out the Shoot The Moon Teaser…most snowboarders are complete tools but the Videograss dudes aint half bad. More to come…


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Shane Justus

In 1997 I was 19 years old and living just this side of broke here in SLC. My buddy and I rented an apartment downtown, and were enjoying some newfound freedom. At that point I was snowboarding regularly and skating rarely. I would push around a bit, but the kids I had skated with earlier on, had given up almost entirely. Partying was prevalent in my life, and with no one else to skate with, I began falling away from the streets. I was ticketed at the U of U benches a few months prior for “leaving the ground” on a skateboard, and was definitely losing motivation. Then I met Shane Justus.

photo courtesy of Mike Murder on Flickr

He started working at the same shitty bagel shop where I was at the time. Immediately I was impressed with the kid. He was super mellow, and full of stories. Shane had a quiet confidence that very few people possess. He introduced me to Redman, he made me want tattoos (my memory is still locked on the day he showed up with the faceless Virgin of Guadalupe on his forearm), and more than anything else, he made me want to skate again. We worked together for some time before he even knew that I skated. Admittedly I was a little intimidated by this guy that I knew was on a killing spree in the streets of SLC. I didn’t want to be that “Iusedtocould” dude, and Shane was the shred.

When I finally told him my reasons for not rolling around as much anymore, he wasn’t impressed. I remember him smoking American Spirits out back, and telling me to “stop making excuses.” I was caught up in the fact that I didn’t have a group of friends to go skate with, that I wasn’t as good as I used to be, and that beer was too delicious etc. “None of that means anything” he’d say. “You don’t need a crew, you don’t have to be good, you just have to want to get out and push.” Shane was right. He pressed me to get back to what was fun about skating. Why I started skating.

Aaron Ohrt photo courtesy of Mike Murder on Flickr

He made me realize that I started skateboarding simply because it was fun. It didn’t cost much, and I could go at it alone. For many years I was an only child of a single mother. Fresh out the door in Burlingame CA with a “latch key” around my neck, I would see the world from a different angle, and make loads of friends in the process. I was able to witness some early days at EMB. I was exposed to music and people that have impacted me for my entire life. I had built an identity that would imprint my future until the day I died. The reality is that it’s impossible for me to “quit” skating. Everywhere I drive I see spots. I put lines together in my head from curb cuts and banks without realizing it’s really even happening.

Skateboarding will always be a part of who I am, and when I almost got away from that, Shane Justus ensured I would never forget. For those of you who knew Shane, you understand exactly what I’m talking about. Years after working together I would see him at parties or around town, and he would always catch a high five. Shane and I were never close friends by any stretch, but that’s what’s so amazing about him. You didn’t need to know Shane well in order for him to have an impact on your life.

We miss you Shane. Thanks for everything.

Aaron Draplin

As you may already know, I think  Aaron Draplin and Pat Bridges are a couple of icons.  Aaron has….opinions. Not sure he’s pumped on Mark.

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Tom Sims

Get some history. The first Tom Sims episode of Powder and Rails is up. You owe this guy.

pimp photo courtesy of

Mikey’s still murdering.

The guy doesn’t slow down. He’s one of my favorite riders of all time. I love that the stomp was slight shifty also. I need to ice my knees after just watching that clip.

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Whatever it takes.

Some of you reading this are in beautiful sunny weather right now. Thanks for reading, but when you’re done, go out your front door and skate. For many other people in the world that luxury is not afforded.

We in Salt Lake have been dumped on with some early snow storms. It’s actually been pretty killer. Floating turns up in the mountains hasn’t been this amazing before Christmas in a long time. Even still, skating is my first love, and when the itch arises, she must be scratched. I set out looking for a couple of my “go to” underground garages to see if they would be worth the push. They were both still pretty covered in water. In the valley we have about 5 inches of snow on lawns and the roads are wet from the melt.

I made my way over to Fairmont skate park and saw 2-3 heads out there beginning to skate. The park is still pretty covered in snow in a few spots. I skipped around where I could trying to keep my feet, wheels, and bearings as dry as possible. It meant ollieing over water just prior to transition, attempting no comply front tail, and  ollieing back over water after skating out of sloppy n.c.f.t. A  few of the others that came out had shovels and brooms. I couldn’t stay long but lent a hand where I could to sweep out the large bowl. My point is this. These skate rats; some younger than me, some older than me, wanted to get out so badly that they handled the 36 degree weather easily. We shoveled and swept decks. We swept and shoveled bowls. After all that and waiting for some drying to go down, it would be well worth it just to get the feeling of cruising and ripping.

Don’t complain to me about your cush-ass spot in SoCal being a little overcrowded, or not having the greatest roll in at your Florida hubba, or whatever other bullshit you want to come up with. I don’t want to hear it. There are skaters across the country doing the same thing we are, in as gnarly or worse conditions, just to get out and push.  This isn’t to say that all warm weather rats don’t work hard. I know there’s a ton of you out there emptying pools, building diy spots, and pushing through gravel. Please keep it up. Some people do whatever it takes.

Please don’t.

I know you think it gives you mountain cred or something by hanging your goggles from the rear view mirror of your truck. It doesn’t though. You look like a kook. Please don’t.

Terry Kidwell

The new season of Powder and Rails is underway. Check it out. Terry Kidwell.

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