We Drink Water…You Should Too

Energy Drinks are evil. I hate that our sports are now fueled by these terribly unhealthy products. I’m sure it’s tough for young athletes to turn down hefty money from companies like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar, but man it bums me out. These people are marketing their products full of chemicals, sugar, and garbage to us and our children. It’s not ok. If you drink that shit….stop it. It’s time We Drink Water. The people behind Drink Water are people I truly respect…for their riding…and their ideals. Support them, and go buy some product…10% of proceeds go to help those in real need…via water.org

photo courtesy of wedrinkwater.com


photo courtesy of grindtv.com

I know it’s been around for quite a few years now, but Bikecar is still one of my favorite movies. See the teaser and get your copy here. Check the article Snowboarder did on the film back in 06 when it was released also.
I almost forgot……….Scotty is the shit..

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