Benji Wagner on Polerstuff

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We love Polerstuff. This company is run by good people with a keen eye for design. Poler has filled a niche, and they’ve done it with class. Benji Wagner breaks down where they’ve been and where they’re going. I’m still waiting to see how the surf team will progress…..get on that shit boys. Go support these guys and get some stuff.

Benji Wagner on Polerstuff

Cyrus Sutton has been…..Compassing.

Cyrus Sutton is one of the great creative minds in surfing. He has a deep passion for adventure and enjoys finding it on little to no money.


Cyrus is the creative director at one of my favorite all time sites Korduroy.TV, he’s a filmmaker, he’s a director, he’s a photographer, he’s a dirtbag, he’s a van owner and he’s a surfer.

The trailer just came out for his new short film Compassing. It looks too damn good. Go check it out.

Trevor Gordon Rips

I’m typically very partial to goofy footers. Almost to a point of discriminatory measure. That being said, there’s a ton of guys out there that rip with their left foot forward. On the other side of that coin…I always drop my back knee….so I’m super biased TOWARD this technique. Yeah it sounds a bit conflicted, but who cares. Trevor Gordon is one of my favorites for obvious reasons. I think in surfing more than any other sideways standing pursuit, style is poached and even faked. Fake style is the worst style. Trevor doesn’t do that….Trevor has sick style. Go buy some of his art work (as soon as his site is back up and running) and watch the kid rip.


I know it’s nothing new….but man you gotta love the direction and thinking being up-cycled at Coalatree Organics. Go check their society members and buy some of their shit. That is all…



The Philadelphia Experiment

Great Music + Solid Art Direction + Quality Editing+ Raw East Coast Street Skating= All Heart

Faith Restored in Humanity

Draplin in Utah

I went to see Aaron Draplin‘s Tall Tales From A Large Man lecture series here in Salt Lake City this evening. AIGASLC sponsored the event at the UMFA, and it was absolutely everything I expected. Draplin was incredibly inspiring, and amazingly funny as always. Anyone that uses Saul Bass as a verb is all time in my book. I picked up a limited edition Utah Poster, as well as a new copy of A Drive Into The Gap  by Kevin Guilfoile (published through Field Notes)…..this was an incredible night all around, and one I will not soon forget.

Everything good about skating….

If you’re not feeling Stereo Sound Agency, then maybe we can’t be friends anymore.

Thanks Ray Barbee

Ok so I’ve written briefly about Ray Barbee before and here’s why. He is absolutely one of my all time favorite people. I don’t really fan out over anyone (except maybe Gonz). I am however more likely to get riled up  like JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy when I come across someone like Ray, than say …(insert random Us Weekly celeb here). Ray Barbee began to influence my skating back in the Public Domain days. To see someone my age, with similar style, skating street, keeping it fluid, and basically stringing together trick after trick…was mind blowing. I followed Ray through the years, and always admired the way he was true to himself, and the way that he grew as a person. For those that don’t know, music and photography are very important to him as well. Ray is a positive person with an incredible outlook on the world. Often in skating the people that get press and highlights are the complete piles of shit. We all love a comeback story, but it just seems like the glamorizing of self destructive behavior is so rampant in our world.

I’m all for bucking the norm, and punk rock ideals influenced me tremendously in my life as well. I don’t think you need to be a lazy, negative, gutterpunk to carve your own DIY path though. You can be a responsible father and husband. You can save your money. You can live in moderation. You can be an educated postmodernist. You can be an artist. You can think for yourself…. Too many good people in the world of skating have been lost to apathy, drug use, and lack of forward thinking. Sometimes when you throw tons of money at 15 year old kids (that have had little guidance in general) this type of thing can happen. We all have free will though, and we all truly care about skateboarding. People like Ray Barbee should be highlighted more often. Take a look at Chris Nieratko’s newest Adventures With Chris, check out Ray’s Independent At Home, and watch the all too short Epicly Later’d. For the young skaters out there please just think for yourself, don’t be a pile of shit, and keep doing what you love. Thanks Ray.

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DDC: What Really Matters, Invent Your World, & Other Tall Tales

You guys need to check out Aaron’s full lecture at MCAD from earlier this year. All hail Draplin.

Colt Bowden and Stereo

Stereo Skateboards speaks to me….for a number of reasons. I have always been surrounded by creative people in my life, and as a result I have a heavy appreciation for Art and Design. I thank my mother for that mostly. Chris Pastras always just seemed like one of the kids I would have surrounded myself with. Chris has an incredibly creative mind, and he expresses that in his skating as well as his artwork. Stereo’s marketing, design focus, and overall attitude balance art and commerce far better than any other product involved in skateboarding. Recently Chris and Jason have had local Utah artist Colt Bowden design their Retro Americana Classics Division. Colt is an excellent skater as well as an accomplished and detailed artist. I’m very stoked for Colt, and I’m so glad to see these two collaborating. It just makes sense. Take a look at Chris’ Hand in Hand, check out Colt’s site, buy some of his work, and then go support Stereo Sound Agency.

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Haroshi DLX & HUF

I know for many of you this is kind of old news, but I had to put up a Haroshi post. The guy is an absolute inspiration, and he is the embodiment of DIY. …oh and I must have the new Haroshi-Huf Pro-models…clear cup soles?…so rad. Now stop reading this, and check out his Aberrican Me.

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Kid Creature

If you haven’t checked him out already, you need to look into Kid Creature. Cal is a rad kid with a big heart. Buy some of his gear, and donate to a great cause.

Ice Cube backing The Eames….Seriously

Just watch this and trip out….

Krooked Guest Board…Thomas Campbell

One of my all time favorite artists is Thomas Campbell…one of my all time favorite skaters is Mark Gonzales…now Thomas has a guest board on Krooked. Thank god for Mickey, Jim, and everyone over at Deluxe….sometimes things just all make sense.

Draplin Setup

I just had to post about how pumped I am on the new Draplin shit that showed up this week…that is all.

DDC-001 Orange/Orange Mesh Factory Issue Action Cap

DDC-007 Yellow Build Something Carpenter Pencil

DDC-024 Adventures In Plastics Heritage Clic Pen

DDC-010 Pencil Of Six Sides

Field Notes Original Mixed 3 Pack

I don’t have part numbers or descriptions on the stickers, but it feels like Aaron’s old man is looking over us now…SHITCHYAH.

Yes I’m a dork…

Man I wish he would come here to speak….


Erik Leines has always killed it. He and BJ destroyed the bird from early on, and never looked back. Celtek is leading the way again with some touch screen integration technology that will mean even more growth for the brand. Stoked for the Leines family, and Celtek. Check the info and interview link over at TWBusiness.

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….and I just had to add SFK and Doman to this post because well….they’re what snowboarding and SLC is all about.


I don’t care what you do in life, this will apply. The guys at Create The Map threw this up last month.  Aaron Draplin is an American Hero.


Poler Stuff

Poler is a new company that you need to support. Poler makes camping gear and apparel that’s focused on simple clean design. They’re run by good people, based out of Oregon, and their team is packed full of heroes (stoked to see who they pick up on the surf side too). I look forward to testing their gear in the coming months. Follow them on Twitter then go buy some Poler Stuff .

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I’m always happy to see good people succeed, and the minds behind Brixton are the greatest. Their Fall Line is released, so go buy some shit, and check the new clip here.

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Bluebird Boards

Willie McMillon is bad ass. For those that don’t know him, he’s the mastermind behind bluebird wax. You should buy some. Kevin Jones is legend status. I’m sure you all get that much (I can’t wait to see his part in TB20). If you don’t get it, just look here. Snowboarders of a certain age group (those that grew up ripping in the 80’s and 90’s) can probably give a ton of knowledge to some newbies. I’m not complaining about “kids these days,” but I will say that there are more than a few who could use a little more heart.

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Willie & Kevin have heart, and those of you that live in an Olympic X Games vacuum, need some of that in your life.  The bottom line is that what we do is special. Whether you skate, snowboard, or surf you know that each of these sports are distinct. Each of these cultures are unique as well. I spend a fair amount of time on here bitching about the sides of our sports that are exploitative and full of corruption. The reality is that we are the people that truly push progression in our worlds though. We drive the markets. Basketball players just want wins. The same is true for most team sports/professional athletes. We may be competitive with our friends, but in the long run it’s not about who wins….it’s about who is shredding the best today. Maybe tomorrow it will be you. I’m so happy to say Bluebird is working on boards now. Check the interview here, and show some support in the 2012-2013 season. With these two at the helm the future is bright.

The Creative Lives

You need to check out The Creative Lives . It’s an amazing documentary series about numerous contemporary artists. Barry McGee is a genius. Porous Walker is my hero. That’s just the beginning…

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Aaron Draplin

As you may already know, I think  Aaron Draplin and Pat Bridges are a couple of icons.  Aaron has….opinions. Not sure he’s pumped on Mark.

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Tod Seelie

Tod Seelie is a true artist. You need to take a look at his work and blog. Todd digs deep in order to take some incredible photos.

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Check the Studio Visit with stencil artist Adam5100 over at Fecal Face.

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