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I never really thought I would have a post about snowskates….the Canuks at Ambition proved me wrong. Thanks to Boardistan for the link. This is what progression looks like.

Grant Taylor SOTY 2011

The kid shreds…I kind of wished Busenitz would get the nod, but Grant definitely deserves this. Gotta say though… I saw it coming a year ago.

Krooked Guest Board…Thomas Campbell

One of my all time favorite artists is Thomas Campbell…one of my all time favorite skaters is Mark Gonzales…now Thomas has a guest board on Krooked. Thank god for Mickey, Jim, and everyone over at Deluxe….sometimes things just all make sense.

Draplin Setup

I just had to post about how pumped I am on the new Draplin shit that showed up this week…that is all.

DDC-001 Orange/Orange Mesh Factory Issue Action Cap

DDC-007 Yellow Build Something Carpenter Pencil

DDC-024 Adventures In Plastics Heritage Clic Pen

DDC-010 Pencil Of Six Sides

Field Notes Original Mixed 3 Pack

I don’t have part numbers or descriptions on the stickers, but it feels like Aaron’s old man is looking over us now…SHITCHYAH.

Yes I’m a dork…

Man I wish he would come here to speak….

686-Fallen Collab

I’m sick of the snowboarding vs. skateboarding thing. It’s clear there are differences culturally between the two. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a bunch of shit that bugs me about both. I’m really trying to be more positive lately though, and I’ll leave the super rants to Avran. In the mean time, I’m stoked to see that 686 Outerwear and Fallen have come up with a collaboration line. I’m really into the Classic Fit Jeans and the Field Jacket. It’s rad to see The Chief isn’t too narrow minded. Check out more over at TW Biz.


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