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Ipath Search and Enjoy

The guys over at Ipath have been posting up some clips from their Search and Enjoy Tour lately. Two of those clips are of the Golden Spike State (you know it)…the state where Life is Elevated (hate that one)…A Pretty Great State (when we were underselling the place)….the state with The Greatest Snow on Earth (snowboarder prejudice)….the state I live in, and love more than any other. The state of UTAH. Check out one of the most diverse teams in skating camp, travel, and rip up the west…

The first clip is of the crew shredding slick rock down by Arches

The second clip is of the crew ripping up the Tree of Life near the Bonneville Salt Flats…If you’ve never skated the eggshells out there you’re missing out…

Dino season…

The Dinobots crew is a solid group of shritizens….yeah I made that word up. Most were raised here behind the Zion Curtain, and grew up with snow in their oatmeal…the lightest and nicest snow in the lower 48  by the way. Cole Taylor (not that one) posted up their first bone zone session of the season…check it.

Sausage Party…

I just realized that presidio has a serious lack of women….so here’s Kassia Meador. She shreds with amazing style, and also is pretty hot…so there you go.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Baker Boys tighten the reigns…

Baker Skateboards are no longer distributed by Freestyle Swede Per Welinder. Baker Boys Distribution has finally brought their flagship board company under the BBD umbrella. Read more about it at TWBusiness. Looks like Blitz will have to focus their efforts on SmolikLucero, and the rest of the clan. Congrats fellas.

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Here’s two you need to watch…

First is Scotty and Bryan‘s teaser for their new Mt. Baker based flick The Rascals..Scotty is my hero.

The second is a DIY skate short from Sean Pointing: Antifornia…Dave Dixon has some good insight.



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