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I don’t care what you do in life, this will apply. The guys at Create The Map threw this up last month.  Aaron Draplin is an American Hero.


holden ceo

Mikey LeBlanc has just announced that the new CEO to his freight train of a clothing company holden outerwear is Ben Pruess.

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The former VP at Adidias Originals has a hefty resume for sure. It seems like good people tend to surround themselves with good people. Stoked for these guys all around.

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Poler Stuff

Poler is a new company that you need to support. Poler makes camping gear and apparel that’s focused on simple clean design. They’re run by good people, based out of Oregon, and their team is packed full of heroes (stoked to see who they pick up on the surf side too). I look forward to testing their gear in the coming months. Follow them on Twitter then go buy some Poler Stuff .

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