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Aaron Draplin

As you may already know, I think  Aaron Draplin and Pat Bridges are a couple of icons.  Aaron has….opinions. Not sure he’s pumped on Mark.

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grown-ass man clothes 2 of 7: shoes

Edition 2: Shoes

Even though I only picked three to review, this is a post that could go on for days. Shoes are the most important part of your setup. I know for surfing and snowboarding shoes aren’t quite as big of a deal. However, in skating shoes are the most integral component outside of your quiver. When I was a grom “skate” shoes were Vans, Vision Street Wear high tops, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, or just whatever shoe you happened to skate in. Shoes were (and to some degree still are) how you wore your badge as a skate rat when you weren’t pushing. If the new kid in school showed up in some Airwalks in 87′, the poser test was on. “You skate?” “How high can you ollie?” Eventually he would have to prove it. It used to be a rare thing that a shoe company would focus solely on skateboarding as a demographic. As you all know now, this shit is everywhere. Usually surf kids skated too, and would wear skate shoes. Eventually snowboard kids would rock em, and now the little fat douche down the street wears his signature DC Dyrdeks just to play Xbox and eat nachos. I do love nachos though….won’t hold that against him. Anyway, being a grown-ass man that still skates, I rock skate shoes. Grown-ass man skate shoes…

First and foremost: The Gravis Dylan

You knew this shit was coming right? I know I know we’ve all seen “Dylan” the movie. No doubt that the kid destroys it. Dylan Rieder absolutely rips. So what happens? A snowboard company that makes skate shoes gets Arto on board (I’m sure for a a fat sum), and then brings on the kid from Westminster. He gets clean, puts out an insane video part, and takes a huge risk on his signature shoe. Hence we have the “Dylan.” These are very close to grown-ass man shoes. Unfortunately they’re  a little closer to college hipster shoes. I love that both Gravis and Dylan took a huge risk stylistically though. These look like slip on dress shoes (great for when you need to get formal), feel like slippers, and wear like skate shoes..sort of. Unless you were lucky enough to get 1 of the 240 limited pairs in oxblood, you’ll have to settle for  black wrinkle or asphalt. The look is great. The style is a little too fixed gear for me, but certainly acceptable for most grown-ass men. These shoes are definitely comfortable also. My only real beef is skatability. Yes you can feel the board nicely and yes you feel light and sleek for sure. I like durability though. The leather holds up pretty well and I love that there’s no laces to rip and replace, but there seems to be almost no cushioning. Zero high tech anti heel bruise technology going on here. I’m not looking for bulky D3’s by any stretch, but I need a little more sustenance.

Over all I give em: 3 rare steak Pho Bowls.

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Second up: Lakai Belmont

Gotta love Lakai right? The Belmont’s are bad ass too. These come in black or brown leather. The vulcanized Belmont is crazy comfortable as well. I love the look. You can rock em damn near anywhere. These are almost the perfect grown-ass man shoes. If it’s good enough for Rick Howard it’s good enough for me. These shoes skate like a sonofabich also. The Belmont is sleek enough to feel what’s going on, and durable enough to take a decent beating. The leather’s tough and the rubber will hold fast like an old pirate. These aren’t full time skate shoes, but I’m definitely still a fan. Chill in em, skate in em, or play frisbee with narwhals in em.

Over all I give the Belmont: 4 stars.

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Finally the: Supra Skylow.

These kicks are sweeter than yoohoo. The Skylow is the Chad Muska Signature shoe. They’re an amazing all around grown-ass man shoe. They come in a few different colors (especially if you go for the Skylow 1.5). The look is skate casual for sure, but good for most occasions. They’re also vulcanized, with extra cushion in the heel, and the Skylow is pumped full of “Suprafoam”. Not sure what that is, but it sounds technical and awesome. These are basically super durable, high quality skate shoes, that don’t look stupid off board. My only slight drawback is if you have wide flintstone feet like me, they will be a touch snug.  I’m sure The Muska rips roads, makes beats, and gets artsy in these bad boys. He’s got steez, not you. Throw on the Skylows and you might get some shine too.

Over all I give em: 4 finger rings and 2 Venice Boomboxes.


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Tod Seelie

Tod Seelie is a true artist. You need to take a look at his work and blog. Todd digs deep in order to take some incredible photos.

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Mike Murdock

If you don’t know much about skating and Salt Lake City, then you probably don’t know who Mike Murdock is. He’s a real representation of what skating and Salt Lake are all about. In the SLC he’s the Connection between art and skateboards. Check his videos, watch him paint, check the Blindside/Green Label profile, and read his interview at Slug.

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Check the Studio Visit with stencil artist Adam5100 over at Fecal Face.

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Tom Sims

Get some history. The first Tom Sims episode of Powder and Rails is up. You owe this guy.

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Pipe Masters 2010

The third stage in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, the 2010 Billabong Pipeline Masters starts today Dec 8th. In memory of Andy Irons.


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Mikey’s still murdering.

The guy doesn’t slow down. He’s one of my favorite riders of all time. I love that the stomp was slight shifty also. I need to ice my knees after just watching that clip.

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Elijah Berle Wins Tampa Am 2010

Elijah Berle rips. Congrats kid. He’s definitely on the come up.

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Whatever it takes.

Some of you reading this are in beautiful sunny weather right now. Thanks for reading, but when you’re done, go out your front door and skate. For many other people in the world that luxury is not afforded.

We in Salt Lake have been dumped on with some early snow storms. It’s actually been pretty killer. Floating turns up in the mountains hasn’t been this amazing before Christmas in a long time. Even still, skating is my first love, and when the itch arises, she must be scratched. I set out looking for a couple of my “go to” underground garages to see if they would be worth the push. They were both still pretty covered in water. In the valley we have about 5 inches of snow on lawns and the roads are wet from the melt.

I made my way over to Fairmont skate park and saw 2-3 heads out there beginning to skate. The park is still pretty covered in snow in a few spots. I skipped around where I could trying to keep my feet, wheels, and bearings as dry as possible. It meant ollieing over water just prior to transition, attempting no comply front tail, and  ollieing back over water after skating out of sloppy n.c.f.t. A  few of the others that came out had shovels and brooms. I couldn’t stay long but lent a hand where I could to sweep out the large bowl. My point is this. These skate rats; some younger than me, some older than me, wanted to get out so badly that they handled the 36 degree weather easily. We shoveled and swept decks. We swept and shoveled bowls. After all that and waiting for some drying to go down, it would be well worth it just to get the feeling of cruising and ripping.

Don’t complain to me about your cush-ass spot in SoCal being a little overcrowded, or not having the greatest roll in at your Florida hubba, or whatever other bullshit you want to come up with. I don’t want to hear it. There are skaters across the country doing the same thing we are, in as gnarly or worse conditions, just to get out and push.  This isn’t to say that all warm weather rats don’t work hard. I know there’s a ton of you out there emptying pools, building diy spots, and pushing through gravel. Please keep it up. Some people do whatever it takes.

Jay Howell is almost as rad as narwhals.

If you don’t know already, Jay Howell is a great artist. He’s done most of the illustrations for a new cartoon on fox as well. Check his site and buy some courtesy of


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